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Physics Undergraduate Students Present Their Research At American Met Society'S Annual Conference

Physics Undergraduate Seniors David Beesley and Jason Olejarz presented their research at the American Meteorological Society's Seventh Annual Student Conference held on January 19th and 20th, 2008 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Their poster was entitled "Modeling Wind-driven Ocean Effects" and showed how wind-driven ocean circulation can be demonstrated using computer cooling fans setup on a rotating table filled with water. This work was prototyped during the summer of 2007 as part of undergraduate research carried out with Professor Amit Tandon, Physics Department, UMD and Professor John Marshall, Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences at MIT. This work is supported by a National Science Foundation CCLI grant, and has resulted in a number of "weather/oceans in a tank" experiments being developed, implemented and assessed in the classroom at general education courses, undergraduate laboratory courses and graduate courses in Meteorology and Oceanography at partner universities including at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.

The project is led by MIT and other collaborating institutions are University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, Penn State, University of Wisconsin Madison, Johns Hopkins University and Millersville University.

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Author:  "Dr. Amit Tandon"
Date:  31-1-2008
Submitted by:  Olivia Farinha
Department:  College Of Engineering - Phy

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