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Prof. Khanna publishes research article in the high-profile Physical Review Letters journal

One of Prof. Khanna's research articles, titled "Test bodies and naked singularities: is the self-force the cosmic censor?" and co-written with Dr. Enrico Barausse (University of Maryland) and Dr. Vitor Cardoso (IST, Portugal) has just been accepted for publication in the highest-profile journal of the American Physical Society -- Physical Review Letters. According to a recent hypothesis, a black hole event horizon could be destroyed by shooting a carefully aimed bullet at it, thus exposing the physical singularity within. But, Prof. Khanna's research has shown that such a process does not occur; instead, black holes appear to "shrink" in order to dodge such a bullet! This research was supported by the National Science Foundation under grants PHY-0902026 and PHY-1016906 awarded to Prof. Khanna. The very high-accuracy computer simulations used in the research work were performed on IBM Cell BE and Power7 BladeCenters at UMass Dartmouth.

Author: "Gaurav Khanna [Contact]"
Date: 10-12-2010

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