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UMass students win top prize at recent national meeting

Robert Randall, a doctoral student in Electrical Engineering studying at the ATMC with Prof. David Brown, has been named recipient of the "Best Student Paper Award in Engineering Acoustics-First Prize" for his presentation "Motional current velocity control of piezoelectric loads"  at the 164th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America. Mr. Randall presented his paper in a special session on "Wideband Transducers and Their Impact on Total Acoustic Systems Design." The work is related to potential improvements in advanced sonar techniques.

Second prize went to David Hague, a doctoral student in Electrical Engineering studying under Prof. John Buck.  Mr. Hague's presentation was entitled  "A generalized sinusoidal frequency modulated waveform for active sonar" given in a special session on Broadband, Complex Pulses for Echolocation, jointly sponsored by Engineering Acoustics, Signal Processing, and Animal Bioacoustics.

Author:  "David Brown [Contact]"
Date:  28-12-2012
Submitted by:  Tesfay Meressi
Department:  College Of Engineering - Ece

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