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The 2005 Solar Decathlon is over!

The 2005 Solar Decathlon is over! UMass Dartmouth's Contest Home finished last competing this year for the first time in the U.S. Department of Energy contest, but the finish doesn't begin to tell the story of the experiences.

The home passed all code requirements and qualified to be open for visitors at the National Mall in Washington, D.C. We are proud of what our students have accomplished. Forty students traveled to Washington, D.C. and participated as solar decathletes in this prestigious contest. They eloquently spoke with the judges and met with the public and gave tours of the Contest Home.

People are hungry about how to harvest sunlight and use it for electricity. Having over 45,000 people on the National Mall for one day is a sign of people's interest in solar. With the high price of energy, we have to do things differently. The Solar Decathlon is an encouraging statement that solar works and is ready today.

After the contest, the UMass Dartmouth Contest Home was successfully and safely moved from the National Mall to a site 80 miles away in West Virginia where it has been installed on a foundation and will soon have a family living in it.

For additional information about the Solar Decathlon and sustainable solar homes, please contact Professor Gerald Lemay, 508.999.8535

Author:  "Gerald Lemay"
Date:  8-11-2005
Submitted by:  D. King
Department:  College Of Engineering

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