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Materials and Textiles Department Receives Grant Award

The Materials and Textiles Department has been awarded a $100,000 grant for equipment to develop robotic fabrication methods for biomedical textiles. This grant is from the Department of Defense under the DURIP program. The project will draw on collaborations with the Mechanical Engineering Department, with the US Army Natick Soldier Center and with Ventana Research of Tucson, Arizona. This will complement our research focus in this area which already includes an ongoing NIH-funded collaboration with the Tissue Engineering Research Center at Tufts University and projects on stents and the Robospider funded by the National Textile Center. In addition the NTC will fund two new projects on 3D textiles as part of the coming funding cycle. With this accumulated support we are in a position to work on the wholly new approaches to textiles that are needed to support the growth of new businesses in our area.

Author:  "Paul Calvert"
Date:  5-4-2006
Submitted by:  Antonio Costa
Department:  College Of Engineering - Mtx

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