Cooperative Education and Internship Program (CEIP)College of Engineering 

Collaboration with Procter & Gamble

Recently, the Department of Materials & Textiles just started a new project in collaboration with Procter & Gamble. This project is about determination of colorants solubility in a new dry-cleaning agent which has shown the following advantages over perchloroethylene (perc, a traditional dry-cleaning agent): less health concern, fewer environmental issues, and lower capital cost while having comparable dry-cleaning performance. It is, however, still unclear about the effect of the new dry-cleaning agent on colorants in the dry-cleaning process. This project will help to understand how different colorants behave in the new dry-cleaning system under different conditions. It is expected that the project will be completed by January 2007.

Author:  "Qinguo Fan"
Date:  21-4-2006
Submitted by:  Jesse Mueller
Department:  College Of Engineering - Mtx

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