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Amit Tandon and Collaborator Awarded NSF Grant

Associate Professor Amit Tandon of the Department of Physics and his
collaborator Associate Professor Amala Mahadevan from Boston University have been awarded an NSF grant to study sub-mesoscale motions in the ocean. This team has been awarded $412k ($177,110 for UMass Dartmouth) for the next three years to conduct research by NSF.  

Vertical transport between the sea surface and the interior of the ocean is instrumental in a variety of processes including the supply of nutrients for plankton production as well as the exchanges of gases, heat and momentum with the atmosphere. The mechanisms that control these properties have long-standing questions associated with our understanding of the upper ocean. Features on the order of one kilometer (a scale known as the submesoscale) play an important role in these processes. In this study, Dr. Tandon and Dr. Mahadevan will use theory and high-resolution numerical models of an upper ocean front, in order to explore the dynamics of these features and their effects on vertical transport, mixing and the distribution of properties. This study will also support a high quality graduate student towards their PhD.

The proposed research has many broader implications. This project will
further our understanding of submesoscale processes, an area of great
current interest in physical oceanography. Its focus on how these processes impact passive tracers is particularly innovative because it has the potential to broadly impact other disciplines. Dr. Tandon has been with UMass Dartmouth since 1999.

Author: "Marguerite Zarrillo"
Date: 21-9-2006

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