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Gaurav Khanna Awarded 30,000 Hours of Supercomputing Time

Prof. Gaurav Khanna has been awarded 30,000 hours of supercomputing time on the National Science Foundation's TeraGrid computing infrastructure. TeraGrid is a facility that partners with several high-performance computing sites, including NCSA, SDSC, ANL, PSC and provides the world's largest infrastructure for open scientific research. Its resources include more than 100 teraflops of computing capability and more than 15 petabytes of storage. Typical commercial charges associated with use of such a facility are $1 per supercomputer hour.

Dr. Khanna will use this award to study the emission of gravitational radiation from the capture of a star into a supermassive black hole, which is a very likely scenario in galactic nuclei. This research is relevant to the various gravitational wave observatories that are being built around the globe, including NSF's LIGO laboratory and NASA/ESA's LISA mission.

Author:  "Marguerite Zarrillo"
Date:  19-10-2006
Submitted by:  Elizabeth Moreau
Department:  College Of Engineering - Phy

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