Cooperative Education and Internship Program (CEIP)College of Engineering 

Policy Statements

  1. Application to the Cooperative Education and Internship Program (CEIP) does not guarantee a Coop/Internship job placement. For purposes of the CEIP, a student is considered to be a "Co-op" or "Intern" once he/she has accepted employment with an employer for an assignment in the future, orally or in writing. A Coop/Internship student must be registered as a full-time student on the UMass Dartmouth campus or for a Coop/Internship work session course every session (including summers) until graduation. Any deviation from this schedule must be approved by the faculty coordinator and associate dean.

  2. Students must meet the Grade Point Average (GPA) and academic requirements established by the dean of the College of Engineering in order to be invited to join the CEIP. Continued performance at this level and completion of all applicable course requirements are prerequisites for beginning the first work session.

  3. The student must maintain a satisfactory academic record as defined by the dean of the College of Engineering in order to continue in the Co-op/Internship Program. Should a student’s GPA drop below 2.75 at the end of a given academic session, the student may return to the Co-op/Internship job for the next work session and will be placed on Co-op/Internship Probation. Students on Co-op/Internship Probation must achieve -- in the next academic session -- a GPA of at least 2.75 with a normal course load or be dropped from the Co-op/Internship Program.

  4. Academic probation is immediate cause for termination from the Cooperative Education and Internship Program.

  5. Consecutive work sessions require two registrations and two work reports. Students not adhering to these procedures will be dropped from the CEIP.

  6. The Student Self-Evaluation Form, the Employer Student Evaluation Form, and a written work report are required for each Co-op/Internship work session. Submission of these forms is a condition for a satisfactory grade in each Co-op/Internship work session course. These forms and your work report are due on the first day of classes following your work session unless otherwise specified by your faculty coordinator. Failure to submit the report on time will result in an Incomplete (I) grade. The (I) grade will change to either Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory once all of the post work session requirements have been completed and evaluated. Note: (I) grades typically delay degree certification.

  7. A Co-op/Internship Certificate will be granted if satisfactory grades have been received in all required work session courses and all of the additional Coop/Internship requirements of your College/Department have been met. At least one of the full-time co-op work sessions must be a non-summer session. Two non-summer half-time internship work sessions are equivalent to one non-summer full-time co-op work session.

  8. You must keep a current address, telephone number and Email address on file with the CEIP Office, whether you are at work or on campus.

  9. Your Coop/Internship fee is due in the Bursar’s Office by the deadline specified by the university. Failure to register for a Co-op/Internship work session course or failure to pay the required fee may result in immediate termination from the CEIP.

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