Cooperative Education and Internship Program (CEIP)College of Engineering 

Benefits to Students

Can you do it? Cooperative/Internship education isn't for every student.

You must:

  1. have the grades -- having the grades demonstrates your academic strengths and your ability to balance priorities while handling a workload;
  2. be able to focus on a goal, even if it seems over the horizon. In the CEIP, you'll balance two goals:
    • your academic challenges, and
    • your professional assignments;
  3. be mature and dedicated enough to recognize the value of spending five years either in school or working as a scientist or engineer, alongside professionals in the real world on challenging design projects.

If you can do it, consider these benefits:

  1. You'll earn a professional salary, which can pay some of your college expenses.
  2. During your five years, you'll gain at least a year's professional experience, which goes directly on your resume. Because you enter the job market a year later than a four-year classmate, you'll have more experience and more relevant accomplishments "in the bag!" Employers will notice.
  3. Your starting salary will likely be higher than your four-year classmates' salaries, even after they've worked a year. Why? Because, having chosen a tough track, you've demonstrated commitment and maturity to your employer. They view maturity and professionalism as more important than strict technical training!
  4. You have shown your employer that you can work in technical teams outside the classroom.
  5. As a Co-op/Internship employee you will be a "known quantity" to the employer. Upon graduation, you could continue as a genuine, full-time, professional with the same employer.
  6. Many Co-op/Internship employers start employee benefits, such as pension contributions and tuition programs with their Co-op/Internship students.
  7. Nothing — not even the best engineering, research or product lab ever invented — can equal the perspective offered by professional, real-life technical experience.

These are only a few of the advantages of Cooperative/Internship Education. Why not give the CEIP serious consideration? Contact us today or Email us at!

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