Cooperative Education and Internship Program (CEIP)College of Engineering 

Roles & Responsibilities of the Employer

For a Co-op/Internship work session to be successful, the supervisor and the student must establish an effective relationship. Employers sign an "Employer Statement of Understanding" in which they agree to execute certain responsibilities to the best of their ability. Employers may also contract with the Coop/Internship Education Program on-line.

Participating employers agree to:

  • Pay a reasonable wage commensurate with the ability, experience and responsibility of the participating student.
  • Provide work experiences directly related to the student's field of study.
  • Advise the student with regard to issues of confidentiality in the workplace and ensure that any non-disclosure agreements are signed prior to the commencement of the work session.
  • Provide the student with an orientation to the workplace including an overview of the organization, dress code, physical layout, relevant personnel, safety practices and duties or tasks expected during the work session.
  • Assist the student to set realistic learning objectives and acquaint the student with relevant resources and materials.
  • Provide meaningful, relevant assignments that become more challenging as time passes.
  • Assign the student to a qualified manager, periodically discuss job performance, provide a performance report and review the report that the Co-op/Internship student writes.
  • Provide the full complement of required work sessions, assuming the Co-op/Internship student's performance is acceptable, the company is not in an extremely difficult employment situation and the Co-op/Internship experience is mutually beneficial.
  • Complete a final evaluation of the student's performance during the work session.

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