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ECE Employer Survey

Dear Employer/Supervisor,

As an employer or supervisor of one or more of our BS degree recipients in electrical engineering and/or computer engineering, your assistance is needed to provide feedback into our educational process. Your contribution will be an asset to our upcoming ABET re-accreditation. Specifically, I would like you to complete a short survey that addresses the Educational Objectives of our undergraduate programs. These objectives are the general abilities expected of our engineering graduates two to four years after they have graduated.

Your ideas and opinions are extremely important to us -- the faculty of the ECE department -- and will guide us as we continue to improve the quality of our graduates.

Note that you are being asked to evaluate UMass Dartmouth BS degree recipients with whom you have interacted. If you have worked with more than one UMD ECE graduate, please feel free to submit this survey multiple times or you may just submit it once as an aggregate response. If you interact with both computer engineers and electrical engineers from UMass Dartmouth, we respectfully ask that you complete two surveys -- one survey for each BS degree.

We understand that your time is valuable so the survey should take no longer than five minutes to complete. Please open and complete the survey by clicking here or by clicking the "Start Survey" button below.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

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