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Professor John Buck Awarded Large ONR Research Grant

Prof. John Buck of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering received a research grant from the Office of Naval Research to improve sensor arrays for sonar systems. The five-year $743,000 project titled "Co-Prime Sensor Array Signal Processing" is a collaboration with Prof. Kathleen Wage of George Mason University. Profs. Buck and Wage will explore new techniques for designing arrays of underwater microphones, or hydrophones. The proposed hydrophone arrays will locate underwater sound sources as well as existing array while requiring far fewer hydrophones. Reducing the number of hydrophones reduces the costs and extends the lifetime of the system, while improving the range and battery life of the unmanned underwater vehicles typically towing these arrays. Underwater hydrophone arrays are vital to many areas of ocean acoustics, including homeland security, seismic energy exploration, and environmental tracking of marine mammals.

Prof. Buck is a world-renowned researcher in acoustical signal processing. His research focuses on applications of signal processing and information theory to underwater acoustics, including both man-made sounds and animal bioacoustics. In his 16+ years at UMass Dartmouth, Dr. Buck has brought in close to 3M dollars in external research grants. In recognition of his research accomplishments and potential, he has been awarded the prestigious CAREER award for young faculty by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the Young Investigator award by ONR.  Prof. Buck also received the Mac Van Valkenburg Early Career Teaching Award from the IEEE Education Society in 2005 and the Leo Sullivan Teacher of the Year award in 2008 from the UMass Dartmouth Faculty Federation.

Author: "Dayalan Kasilingam [Contact]"
Date: 28-1-2013

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