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Doctoral Dissertations

Shrestha, Akhilesh
Dependability Modeling and Analysis of Mission Critical Systems
Advisor: Dr. Liudong Xing
Ho, Pei-Gee (Peter)
Multivariate Time Series Model Based Support Vector Machine for Multiclass Remote Sensing Image Classification and Region Segmentation
Advisor: Dr. Chi Hau Chen
Chen, Honglei
Auto Regressive Aperture Extrapolation for Adaptive Array Processing
Advisor: Dr. Dayalan P. Kasilingam
Wang, Zhenhai
Factor Analysis for Seismic Profiling and Adaptive Blind Source Separation for Bandlimited Speech
Advisor: Dr. Chi Hau Chen
Zhang, Jiaming
Region of Interest Segmentation and Video Coding in Dynamic Video Backgroundsh
Advisor: Dr. Chi Hau Chen
Oishi, Tetsuro
Underwater directional Transducers and Arrays Using Baffled Piezoelectric Cylindrical Shells
Co-Advisors: Dr. David A. Brown, Dr. Boris Aronov
Roobeen, Steven A.
Component Sum Interval Analysis: Training Artificial Neurons and Neural Networks
Advisor: Dr. Chi Hau Chen
Tao, Xiaoli
Multi-Class Classification of Remote Sensing Data with Improved Artificial Neural Networks
Advisor: Dr. Howard E. Michel
Wang, Dajun
Mining T-Outliers in High Dimensional Time Series Financial Data
Advisor: Dr. Paul Fortier
Wang, Xianju
Study of a Novel Theory in ICA Image Restoratin and Enhancement, with Special Reference to Ultrasonic NDE Images and SAR Images
Advisor: Chi Hau Chen
Yu, Qin
Denial-of-Service Countermeasure With Immunization and Regulation
Advisor: Dr. Hong Liu
Djordjevic, Miroslav
Numerical Methods for Electromagnetic Modeling of Vehicles over a Wide Range of Frequencies
Advisor: Dr. Branislav M. Notaros
Blackmon, Fletcher
Linear and Non-Linear Opto-Acoustic Underwater Communications
Advisor: Dr. Lee E. Estes & Dr. Gilbert Fain
Ilic, Milan
Higher Order Hexahedral Finite Elements for Electromagnetic Modeling
Advisor: Dr. Branislav M. Notaros
Hong, Baoming
Integrated Automatic Face Recognition Based on Multiresolution Transform and Multiscale Local Feature Representations
Advisor: Dr. Chi Hau Chen
Wang, Junfeng
Techniques for Compensating Unknown Motion Effects in SAR/ISAR Imaging
Advisor: Dr. Dayalan Kasilingam
Qidwai, Uvais Ahmad
2-D Blind Deconvolution for Image Restoration with Applications to Ultrasonic NDE
Advisor: Dr. Chi Hau Chen
Zhang, Xiaohui
Independent Component Analysis for Remote Sensing Image Processing and Pattern Recognition
Advisor: Dr. Chi Hau Chen
Guo, Qiushuang
Propagation of Acoustic Waves in Bars and Determination Of Dynamic Acoustic Constants
Advisor: Dr. David A. Brown
Mukhin, Denis
Framework for Association Rules Mining
Advisor: Dr. Paul Fortier
Cheng, Tzu-Hung
Wavelet-Based Image/Video Compression
Advisor: Dr. Chi Hau Chen
McCarrick, Charles David
An Analytical Model for Pyramidal Horn Antennas with Ridges
Advisor: Dr. Dayalan Kasilingam
Lee, Gwo Giun
On Multiresolution Wavelet Analysis Using Gaussian Markov Random Field
Advisor: Dr. Chi Hau Chen

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