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UMD Professors Receive NSF Grant for Marine Renewable Energy

An interdisciplinary team of UMass Dartmouth faculty has been awarded $368,221 by the National Science Foundation to develop an advanced computational tool for analysis and optimization of ocean wave energy converters.  Dr. Mehdi Raessi (mechanical engineering), Dr. Mazdak Tootkaboni (civil engineering), and Dr. Geoff Cowles (School for Marine Science & Technology) will collaborate on deriving a numerical model to predict the performance of wave energy converters for realistic operating conditions that include wave breaking, turbulence, and fluid-structure interactions.  Such high-fidelity simulations will complement experimental testing, offer scientific insights difficult to obtain experimentally, and accelerate development of advanced technologies for harnessing abundant ocean wave energy at reduced cost.  The project will engage both graduate and undergraduate students and outreach to students and teachers in nearby communities.

Author: "Mehdi Raessi [Contact]"
Date: 16-7-2012

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