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Vijay Chalivendra awarded National Science Foundation Major Research Instrumentation grant

Dr. Vijay Chalivendra of the Mechanical Engineering Department and his collaborators, Dr. Paul Calvert (Materials and Textile Sciences) and Dr. Bal Ram Singh (Chemistry & Biochemistry), have been awarded $103,969 by the National Science Foundation to acquire Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) through Major Research Instrumentation grant. The one year grant begins on 08/15/06. AFM will allow the researchers to study surface topography of various nanostructured materials and biological structures at sub-nanometer resolution. It can also be used to perform nano-indentation studies on polymers, carbon nanotubes and nanofibers. The equipment will be used in a wide spectrum of research programs in Mechanical Engineering, Materials & Textile Sciences, Biomedical Engineering & Biotechnology, Civil Engineering, and Chemistry & Biochemistry.

Author: "Dr. Tesfay Meressi"
Date: 26-9-2006

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