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Student Article Published in Oceanography

An article by Physics graduating seniors David Beesley and Jason Olejarz co-authored with Professor Amit Tandon of the Physics department and Professor John Marshall of MIT appears in the current issue of the official magazine of the Oceanography Society.
Along with feature articles on the 50th year anniversary of NATO Undersea Research Centre, Volume 21, Number 2 issue features this article in the Hands On Oceanography section. This article is titled "A Laboratory Demonstration of Coriolis Effects on Wind-Driven Ocean Currents" and appears in the print as well as the online version (see link for the current issue)  It features an experiment developed and prototyped at UMass Dartmouth in Collaboration with MIT, using the rotating tank in the Physics Department's Geophysical Fluids Lab. The experiment can be used to demonstrate large scale wind-driven flow in the ocean and explain phenomena such as the Great Pacific garbage patch as well as coastal upwelling and downwelling.

Author: "Amit Tandon"
Date: 17-6-2008

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