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Rotating Tank experiments at the Working Waterfront Festival

Physics Junior Carter Chamberlain and Dr. Amit Tandon, Associate Professor Physics presented rotating tank experiments at the Working Waterfront Festival on September 27th and 28th, 2008.

The working waterfront festival ( was held at New Bedford harbor on September 27th and 28th weekend. Performers came as far away as Norway, and Dr. Tandon and undergraduate Physics major Carter Chamberlain showed the dye stirring experiment on the rotating table from Dr. Tandon's lab on both days with several "shows" each day. Despite heavy rains, many people came to see the experiments. Some of the audience self-identified themselves as science teachers from New Bedford, Fall River, Attleboro, Bridgewater and Tauton school districts. Nearly all wanted to show the experiments to school kids in their classes. Some of the public who hung around longer and wanted to know more, self identified themselves as techies/engineers and fishermen. The audience appreciated the patterns in the experiments but more importantly they wanted to know what was going on, and why their intuition did not work.

Author: "Amit Tandon"
Date: 7-10-2008

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