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Dr. Gaurav Khanna pursues black holes with $50,000 grant

UMass Dartmouth professor pursues black holes with
$50,000 grant from the Florence M. Glaser Giving Trust

A UMass Dartmouth physics professor recently received $25,000 from the Florence M. Glaser Gift Giving Trust to study the interior structure of black holes, collapsed stars with gravitational pulls so strong that no light can escape from them. The grant was the second installment in a $50,000 award by the trust to Dr. Gaurav Khanna.

Among the questions being investigated by Dr. Khanna and his UMass Dartmouth "Gravity Group" is whether the "big bang" that resulted in the universe might actually have originated from a burned out star, turned black hole, turned new universe. "If we can understand the structure of a black hole, then we may discover a future to this singularity and possibly the creation of a new universe,"  Dr. Khanna said.

Dr. Khanna has established an educational website to help explain black holes and quantum cosmology to students and the general public.  The Gravity Group can be accessed via the UMass Dartmouth website at  There, one will find links to learn more about theoretical and computational gravitational physics, as well as to technical papers on the department's research.

Now in his third year at UMass Dartmouth, Dr. Khanna is well into pursuing several research topics: theoretical and computational astrophysics, gravitational waves, quantum gravity, and high performance computing.

Dr. Khanna said came to UMass Dartmouth for its Physics Department and the opportunity to work with research level graduate students.  He studied in Kanpur at the Indian Institute of Technology before coming to the United States and receiving a Ph.D. in Physics from Penn State in 2000.  

Author: "John Hoey"
Date: 30-11-2005

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