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Physics graduate student Jared Buckley's research published in International Conference on Scientific Computing

Jared Buckley has just published a research paper in the peer-reviewed, International Conference on Scientific Computing that will be held in July 2014 in Las Vegas. His paper is titled "Parallel Scaling Performance and Higher-Order Methods" and it clearly demonstrates that under certain conditions, higher-order numerical methods exhibit performance challenges on a parallel supercomputer and therefore offer limited benefits for solving differential equations that commonly appear in physics problems. This work was funded by the National Science Foundation, and was supervised by Prof. Khanna, who is also a co-author on the published paper.

Jared Buckley joined the Physics Department at UMass Dartmouth as a Masters student in Spring semester 2014 upon graduating from Bridgewater State University. Jared's research interests are in the area of Ocean Physics and he will work on his dissertation with Prof. Tandon over the next year.

Physics Department's Prof. Khanna receives funding from the Department of Defense

Prof. Gaurav Khanna has received research funding for a short-term project from the US Department of Defense's High-Performance Computing PETTT program that will extend from March - August 2014. The project is titled "High-Precision (64-bit and higher) Floating-Point Operations using Hardware Single-Precision (32-bit) Operations" and has a total budget of $43K over the 6-month period. The goal of this PETTT project is to develop and evaluate a software approach towards double- (64-bit) and quadruple- (128-bit) precision floating-point numerical computation on modern commodity processors such as multi-core CPUs and many-core GPUs. The rationale being that such an approach may offer higher cost-effectiveness and the possibility of performing numerical computations with a level of precision beyond the industry standard. Physics student, Ed McClain will assist Prof. Khanna on this research and will be supported through this grant over the summer months.

Physics Department's Prof. Khanna receives funding from the National Science Foundation

Prof. Gaurav Khanna has been awarded a continuing National Science Foundation grant with a total budget of $90K over 2 years, starting September 1st, 2014. The project is titled "An Evaluation of Video-Gaming Technologies for Scientific High-Performance Computing in Gravitational Physics" and it supports Prof. Khanna's long-term research program on the potential of gaming technologies like the Sony PlayStation and consumer video-cards for cost-effective high-performance scientific computing. These technologies will be utilized to support research in the areas of black holes physics and pulsar searches.

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