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The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth has undertaken an important project this year that will add an interesting dimension to the campus look and feel - A Faculty Leadership Walkway. The team assigned to this project will select an artist who can design, create...
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Attention all faculty at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth: We are planning to send out an announcement this spring to the campus community requesting your input on the components of the Faculty Leadership Walkway. Those components include...
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Proposed walkway location
Proposed Walkway Location


During the 2006 spring semester, Chancellor Jean MacCormack asked a team of distinguished faculty members to develop a Faculty Leadership Walkway plan for the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.

As you know, the Chancellor/Presidents Leadership Walkway is between the Foster Administration Building and the Campanile. It is envisioned that the Faculty Leadership Walkway will be between the Library and Group I. The desire is to honor faculty leadership qualities in a way that is equally impressive, but different from the Chancellor/Presidents Leadership Walkway.

The current thinking regarding the Faculty Leadership Walkway from the team of faculty working on this project, includes the following:

  • The Walkway will be a visual representation of faculty leadership qualities, such as: commitment, curiosity, ethics, inspiration, motivation, passion, resourcefulness, and vision. Once an artist/sculptor is identified and selected, work will begin on an abstract centerpiece within the seating area next to the Library creating a place to reflect on the importance of faculty leadership on campus.
  • Quotes will be selected and placed along the Walkway that will be a cause for pause and wonder.
  • Tenured Faculty names will be displayed on pavers next to the Walkway.
  • Individual names of previous distinguished teaching, research, and service award recipients will be featured on a wall within a campus building, possibly the renovated Library.

The team has worked during the 2006 - 2007 academic year to continue to make progress on the concept; the important characteristics/qualities of faculty leadership; quotes for the Walkway; a visual representation of these qualities on the Walkway; and a draft timeline for designing the Walkway.

We all understand that the creation of a Faculty Leadership Walkway provides a wonderful opportunity to highlight the importance of Faculty at UMass Dartmouth, and we also understand that everyone will have a different idea about the best way to represent this. Therefore, before we get too far down the road - or walkway, we wanted to share with you our progress to date.

We recognize this is a daunting challenge; however, we are excited about creating something that will be a lasting tribute to the importance of faculty and their role on campus.

We hope that you will take some time to reflect on the various elements of the project - words, quotes, visual representation, tenured faculty, etc. Feel free to contact any of us with your questions or suggestions.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Dana Aaron
Renate Crawford
Elaine Fisher
Brian Howes
Matt Roy
John Twomey

Contact Info:

Dana Aaron, c/o Robbie Watkins, Chancellor's Office
UMass Dartmouth • 285 Old Westport Road • North Dartmouth, MA 02747
tel: 508-999-8004 • email: rwatkins@umassd.edu