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Listing No. Title Job Category,
Job Type
Terms/Semesters Department, Company, or Organization Location Openings
0102402243 VITA Tax Preparer Office/Clerical,
FWS/CSLP - Community Service Learning Program (off-campus) (Level 3)
Spring 2014
CEDC off-campus 5
0102402242 Volunteer Coordinator for VITA Program Other,
FWS/CSLP - Community Service Learning Program (off-campus) (Level 4)
Fall 2013
Spring 2014
Intersession 2014
CEDC off-campus 1
0102402272 Women's Lacrosse Team Manager Athletics,
FWS - Federal Work Study (Level 2)
Fall 2013
Intersession 2013
Spring 2014
Tripp Athletic Center
Room 201B
0102402212 Writer/Reporter Other,
FWS - Federal Work Study (Level 3)
Fall 2013
Fall 2014
Center for Civic Engagement
Liberal Arts
Room 031
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