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Alumni Update Form

We would like to hear from you! Use this form to update your home and/or business address. Please provide as much information as you wish. The required fields are marked so.

Personal Information

  • Name (required):
    Last/Family Name:
    Middle Initial:
    First/Personal Name:
  • Maiden Name, if any:
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  • Original Institution (choose one):
  • Home Address (required):
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  • Home Phone Number:
  • Your Email (required):

Business or Employment Information

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  • Company Information:
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  • Your Email:

Other Information:

  • Which Email Address Should be Used for Mailing?
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  • Suggestions and/or Comments:
  • Personal News and/or Career Moves:
  • The College of Engineering is looking for help from alumni with the recruitment and retention activities of students. Please check the appropriate boxes:
    I am willing to participate in open houses.
    I am willing to talk to freshmen.
    I am willing to mentor students.

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