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Men's Golf Interest Form

This form has four parts: personal information, game background, academic information, and additional comments. Required fields are labeled with *.

If you are looking to submit general comments about the program or this site, please use the feedback form.

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Personal Information:

Name: *
Give your full name, including salutation if appropriate.
E-mail Address:*
We will write you back at this address. The address will be checked for validity.
Phone Number:*
Include the area code, and any extensions if appropriate.
Parents' Names:*
Your Address:*
Enter your complete address, formatted as on an envelope. International students: please provide any relevant information for any mailings required for any mailings to reach you.

Game Information:

Please give your height in feet and inches, else include the appropriate units of measurements.
Please give your weight in pounds, else include the appropriate units of measurements.
Golf Handicap:*

Awards and Honors Achieved:
Indicate the year you received them also. If none, leave blank.

Other sports you participate in:
Check all that apply. If a sport you have participated in is not listed, indicate it in the answer to the following question. If none, do not check any.
Acrobatics Baseball Basketball
Cross Country Equestrian Field Hockey
Football Ice Hockey Golf Indoor Track
Lacrosse Outdoor Track Sailing
Softball Soccer Swimming & Diving
Tennis Volleyball
Additional athletic experience or teams you've been involved with:
Detail anything outside this sport, or significant experience in another sport you have played. If none, leave blank.
Name & phone number of last or current golf coach: *

Academic Information:

High School or college currently attending:
If none, leave blank.
Other colleges you are interested in:
If there are none, leave blank. If you have any, list them in order of interest.
Planned / Current academic major: *
If you do not have a major, or are unsure of what yours will be, put in "Not sure."
Academic Information (SATs, GPA, etc.): *
Please enter as much of the following as you know: your current or last GPA, your SAT (including your verbal and math scores), MAT, or ACT scores (as and if appropriate), and your current or last class ranking.
I plan to apply for the following term: *
Check wether you will apply to enter the University in the fall or spring, then enter the year.
Spring Fall

Additional Comments:

Security Code:
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