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Campus Gardens

Pear Tree Allee

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Plans for the Centennial Way Allee of flowering Pear trees developed from ideas generated by students in "Landscape and Garden" in 1997. Reference to the "Centennial Gardens" page describes how the class came to view the entire area between the Ring Road and the Auditorium, as well as the Bus Stop, as one of the principal entrances to the inner campus quad and academic buildings.

In 1998 students in Sears's Horticulture class laid out the plan of the Allee and planted 28 flowering pear trees (Pyrus calleryana 'Cleveland Select' on either side of Centennial Way from Ring Road to the small gateway walls constructed the previous year. Since then, another 20 flowering pears have been planted by student summer workers and grounds personnel inside the stone gateway along the north side of the road all the way to the Admissions' Council Ring Gardens. The variety 'Cleveland Select' (also called 'Chanticleer'), with its narrowly conical growth habit was chosen so as not to shade the lighted path. Most of the flowering pears planted closer to the buildings in subsequent years belong to the broader spreading 'Bradford' callery pear variety. Several pear trees have been dedicated in the honor or memory of individuals. Others are available for recognition of other individuals.

Callery pear is one of the first campus trees to flower, near the end of the first week of April. Flowers are white and abundant. These trouble-free trees also provide brilliant fall color along Centennial Way in October. Fruits do not develop on these ornamental pear varieties.

Each of these flowering pear trees is available for naming in honor of, or in memory of a friend, colleagues or family member. For a $400 gift to the Landscape Fund of the UMD Foundation, a bronze plaque with a few lines of text will be fastened to a stone placed at the base of the tree of your choice. Proceeds from such gifts can be used for future campus landscape projects. For more details, please see "Let Your Gift Grow", or contact Jim Sears or the UMD Foundation office.

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