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University Studies Course Approval Request Submission Form

All fields are required.

Course information
Faculty contact information
Required components

  • Please make sure your syllabus contains the elements listed on the Guidelines page.

  • This statement should describe the content and pedagogical approaches of the course and how these will serve to foster the University Studies learning outcomes for this Cluster requirement. Please compose, and save, this statement in a word processing program and paste the final version of the text here. 500 word limit.

  • This form should be printed, signed and sent by campus mail to the Gen Ed Director. If you forgot to download it on the description page, you can grab it at the Gen Ed Course Approval Requests Form page.

  • Official course catalog descriptions can be found in the online catalogs (opens in new window). Look in any academic major for examples.
    If this is a newly proposed course that has not received regular curricular approval, provide the proposed catalog description here.

  • If this course is a newly proposed course that is simultaneously seeking regular curricular approval, please upload a copy of the course approval application.





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