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Alcohol Poisoning:

Resources for Prevention & Response


Counseling Center
Concerned about your drinking or that of a friend or family member? The Counseling Center can help.

LiveWell: Office of Health Education, Promotion, and Wellness
Health information and referral.

Get a BAC Zone Card.

BAC Zone Cards provide easy to use information about the effects of blood alcohol concentration (BAC) on your body. B.A.C.Zone cards are personalized by gender and weight. Therefore, in your email please indicate your: gender, weight, and mailing address.
Download a Signs of Alcohol Poisoning poster to print and post. adobepdf

Good Samaritan Policy flyer. A brief introduction to the Good Samaritan Policy, the signs of alcohol poisoning and how to help, and safer drinking strategies. adobepdf


The Absolute Truth, a workshop by the Peer Health Educators, educates students on the myths/facts of college drinking, safer drinking strategies, and the signs of alcohol poisoning and how to help. Want to request The Absolute Truth for your class, residents, student group or organization? Send us an email.

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Memorial Foundations 

Established in memory of young adults who have lost their lives to alcohol poisoning, these foundations educate others in order to prevent similar tragedies.

The Sam Spady Foundation
The Sam Spady Foundation honors the memory of Samantha Spady, a 19-year-old student at Colorado State University, who died of alcohol poisoning on September 5, 2004.

The Gordie Foundation
The Gordie Foundation is dedicated to the memory of Gordie Bailey, an 18-year-old freshman at the University of Colorado when he died of alcohol poisoning as a result of a fraternity initiation ceremony for pledges on September 17, 2004.

Be Responsible About Drinking, Inc. (B.R.A.D.)
B.R.A.D. was founded by the family and friends of Bradley McCue, a Michigan State University junior who died from alcohol poisoning in 1998 after celebrating his 21st birthday.

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