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April 10, 2013 at 11:59 PM

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April 23rd & 24th, 2013
Claire T. Carney Library Addition

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Advanced Technolgy & Manufacturing Center


Developing ion exchange membrane from recycled waste expanded polystyrene for heavy metal removal from industrial wastewater

Anti Cancer Activity of Cranberry Constituents: A Mechanistic Study

Developing transformational technology in the fucoid alga, Silvetia compressa

Self-Assembly of Crystallin Protein Solutions: Observations of Protein Particle Size using Dynamic Light Scattering for Pre-Material Processing Characterization


Attraction of crabs to materials used in bivalve aquaculture

Comparison of Populations of a Recent Marine Invader in 1996 and 2012


An Economical Method for the Determination of Cocaine and Benzoylecgonine on Banknotes using Reverse Phase HPLC coupled with UV Detection

Direct and TiO2 catalyzed photodegradation of 17α-ethinylestradiol (EE2) in natural surface water

Kinetics of Botulinum Neurotoxin Type A Endopeptidase to Elucidate Unique Structure and Substrate Binding

Determination of 7 phthalate eaters in rain and snow by GC with liquid-liquid extraction

Improved HPLC Analysis of Small Proanthocyanidins from Cranberry

Protection of Bovine Aortic Endothelial Cells (BAECs) by Cranberry Polyphenols

Analysis of amino acids in seaweed by HPLC and HILIC with UV detection

Rapid Reverse Phase HPLC Method for The Determination of Levodopa, L-tyrosine in Vicia faba (Fava beans), Lima beans, and Mucuna beans

SAXS and NMR analyses of active conformational states of BoNT/A endopeptidase

Simultaneous determination of Fe(III) and Fe(II) in natural atmospheric and surface waters by ion-pair HPLC

Separation and Analysis of Cranberry Polyphenols for Evaluation as Alpha-Glucosidase Inhibitors


Modeling of Herbicide Binding in the Inhibition of Acetyl-CoA Carboxylase

Modeling of Mutagenicity and Genotoxicity of Alkyl Methanesulfonates – A Theoretical Investigation

A highly selective rhodamine based turn-on optical sensor for Hg2+

Fluorescent Probes for Imaging ROS in Living Cells

Turn-on Fluorescent Sensors for Imaging Labile Fe3+ in Living Cells

Developing near-infrared sensors for iron (III) imaging in living systems

A turn-on fluorescent sensor for iron (II) to visualize labile iron in living cells at subcellular resolution

Simultaneous detection and quantification of the Botulinum Neurotoxin and Staphylococcal Entrotoxin B by use of Duplex ELISA


Development of near infrared (NIR) fluorescent probes for molecular imaging of nitric oxide in living systems

on and induction of ROS

The Nitro derivative of Psoralen – the synthetic inhibitor against botulinum neurotoxin type A.

Laser Based Fluorescence Anisotropy spectrometry

The effects of long-term continuous passaging on the stability of Clostridium botulinum genome and morphology

Role of Hn33 in the passage of BoNT across lung barriers


Effect of Digested Peptides from Dietary Proteins on regulation of Natural Health

Computer and Information Science

Internet Traffic and Green House Gas Emissions

iHANDs: Intelligent Health Advising aNd Decision-support System

Adaptive Control in Autonomous Underwater Vehicles

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Optimizing MRI Pulse Parameters for T1 Estimation to Minimize the Cramer-Rao Lower Bound

VISSIM Traffic Simulation at Intersection Route 114A and Arcade Ave Seekonk, MA

Metrics-Directed Design of Security Schemes

Design and construction of a three element hydrophone noise analysis.


Investigation of Properties of Side Scan Sonar for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles

Infrastructure Communication Based Importance Analysis of Wireless Sensor Networks

A Dynamic Link Failure Model for Wireless Sensor Networks

GPS Vulnerability Analysis in Surface Transportation

Analysis of Secure Processor Solutions

AUV Coastal Survey- Bottom Features in a High Current Area Martha’s Vineyard, MA

AUV Inland Pond Survey - Environmental Health Investigation Falmouth, MA

Volumetric Survey of a Public Reservoir using an Iver2-AUV – Fall River, MA

Circular Disk Transducer

Using Noise-Only Data to Estimate Vertical Mode Shapes Underwater

A Generalized Sinusoidal Frequency Modulated Waveform for Active Sonar

Layered Authentication Design for Multimedia Streaming using Expander Graphs

Integrating WBANs and Mobile Social Sensing for Effective Epidemic Control and Source Tracing

Design and Testing of a New High Frequency Piezoelectric Tansducer for Acoustic Communications and Evaluations of an Existing Transducer

Play Games in Mobile Clouds




Heritage Health Prize

Observed Performance of High Order Explicit Multi-step SSP Runge-Kutta Methods

Higher Order SSP Methods with Downwinding

Strong Stability Preserving Multi-Step Runge Kutta Method

Numerically Solving an Augmented Poisson Equation with Finite Element Method

Computational Mathematics and L'Hopital's Rule.

Educational Simulations with Visual Python

Going to college: measuring the return of the investment through statistical studies

RBF-based Image Compression

Mechanical Engineering

Improving the Strength and Service Life of Laminated Jute/Epoxy Composites for Structural Applications

Multimode Underwater Beacon


Nurse of Future Nursing Core Competencies Across the Academic/Practice Transition

Political Science


Gravitational Wave Emission from Binary Black Hole Systems

Alternative Designs for Route 128 Interchange & Clost Proximity High Street Intersection, Danvers, MA

Relieving Congestion at the Intersection of Allen Street and Slocum Road

VISSIM Traffic Simulation at Intersection I-195 and Plymouth Ave Fall River, MA.

Gauge Invariance of the Eikonal Equation In Yang-Mills Gravity

Graviton's interaction Yang-Mills Gravity

Higher-order static solutions in Yang-Mills gravity


The Effects of Priming on Past Tense Verb Production

Impact of Religious Organizations’ Activities, Spiritual Growth, and Organizational Climate on Young Adults’ Religious Involvement and Group Satisfaction

Occupational Prestige and SES related to Cognitive Performance




Selective Removal of Phosphate from Wastewater using Ion Exchange Resin Beads

Feasibility Study for the Conversion of Several Dartmouth Intersections To Median U-Turn Intersections

Forgotten French Fluff: Why Bother Reading Pop Culture from the Past?

Translating a 17th-Century French Midwifery Treatise

Renovations to Chartley Four Corners in Norton, MA

Simulation of Route 6 Rotary Eastham, Massachusetts

Specific peptide ligand for targeting the light chain of Botulinum neurotoxin A

Confocal & Atomic Force Microscopic Analysis of Bhasma Effect on the Tight Junctions of Intestinal Epithelial Cells

Identification of ion-channel forming structural determinants in botulinum neurotoxins