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UMass Dartmouth RSS Feeds

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What is RSS?

Do you like getting the most up-to-the-minute news but don't want to have to browse around websites in order to hunt it down? Then RSS might be for you.

Feed IconRSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication," and is a popular way to easily distribute news on the Web. It allows users to "subscribe" to a web-site as one would subscribe to a newspaper and then receive the latest information published from that site. Don't worry, there are no forms to fill out, usernames and passwords to remember, or email and spam involved.

Learn more about RSS feeds on Wikipedia

To Start Using RSS

screenshotYou need a RSS reader to view UMass Dartmouth RSS feeds. These are available for most platforms and come in a variety of styles. Some readers are their own stand-alone applications, and others are plugins or built into browsers (like Firefox). Some other examples of RSS readers are...

Awasu (Windows)
NetNewsWire Lite (Mac)
Straw (Linux/Gnome)
Bloglines (web-based)
Google Reader (web-based)

Subscribe to the RSS feed by dragging the URL from the orange RSS icon on the homepage onto your news reader. Or, copy and paste the URL into your news reader.
For example:


Then you are in business. You will receive the latest upcoming events from UMass Dartmouth as they are published.





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