Brava, Cape Verde Islands

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Masto Santa Ana in the village of Nossa Senhora do Monte
- photo by Ray Almeida


Brava, the smallest of the populated Cape Verde islands, lies at the southwestern end of the archipelagic crescent. It has an extremely varied terrain with high peaks contrasting with deep valleys. The coastline is deeply indented and has formed a number of bays, most notably Furna, Ancião, Fajã d'Agua and Sorno. The small, uninhabited islands of Ilheus Secos do Rombo lie just off the northeast coast and Fogo rises magnificently 10 miles to the east. Brava possesses a relatively temperate climate with temperatures between 16 and 25 deg °C. It is more humid and much greener than the other islands and is called "the Island of Flowers." When not plagued by the long periods of drought which have tormented the Cape Verdes, lobelia, hibiscus, bougainvillae and jasmine can be found in profusion and a wide variety of crops is farmed throughout the island. In addition to agriculture, fishing is a mainstay of the island economy.


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History and Culture

1460s Brava discovered
1680 A major volcanic eruption forces a number of families living on Fogo to move to Brava.
1798 French attack on Brava
1816 American consul officially established
1843 Small dock built in Furna
1850s Establishment of a secondary school
1867 Birth of Eugenio Tavares
1881 Birth of Marceline Manuel da Graca ("Daddy Grace")
1941-43 Famine ("tree stump hunger")
1943 Packet schooner Mathilde sailing to America is lost at sea.
1992 Completion of airstrip at Ribeira Verde

Packet ships in the port of Furna

Points of Interest

Faja d'Agua and Sorno
Nova Sintra
Mato Grande
Porto da Furna
Nossa Senhora Do Monte
Mt. Fontainhas


Hotels and Accomodations

Nova Sintra  


Traveller's Information

- How to get to Brava  


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