The editors would like to acknowledge the National Science Foundation Undergraduate Faculty Enhancement Program for making the ATLAST Project and book possible. Special thanks are due to Elizabeth Teles and William Haver of the NSF for all the help and guidance they have provided throughout the duration of the ATLAST Project.

We also thank the International Linear Algebra Society for its support of the project. In particular, the editors would like to acknowledge David Carlson, San Diego State University, and Frank Uhlig, Auburn University, of the ILAS Education Committee for their help and encouragement in the planning of the ATLAST Project. Former ILAS President Hans Schneider, University of Wisconsin, also deserves thanks for his support and encouragement.

The Mathworks, Inc. has assisted the ATLAST project from the very beginning by providing both software and technical support for the workshops. Special thanks are due to Cleve Moler for his advice and cooperation throughout and to Mike Fisher for his assistance.

The ATLAST project was a resounding success thanks primarily to the very professional job done by the workshop leaders. The following is the list of these individuals together with their university affiliation and the years they served as workshop leaders. Although we have listed only one leader per workshop, it should be noted that all of the individuals listed played an active role in the planning and presentation of the 1994 Developers Workshop at the University of California, San Diego.

ATLAST Workshop Leaders

Jane Day, San Jose State University (1992, 1993, 1995)
Eugene Herman, Grinnell College (1992, 1993)
David Hill, Temple University (1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996)
Kermit Sigmon, University of Florida (1992, 1993)
Steven Leon, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth (1992, 1993, 1996)
Lila Roberts, Georgia Southern University (1996)

Each ATLAST workshop had a local coordinator. These individuals put a great deal of effort into coordinating local arrangements and to seeing that the workshops ran smoothly and on schedule. Nearly all of these coordinators attended and played active roles in the workshops. The thirteen host institutions for the ATLAST workshops were partners in the ATLAST project. They provided the necessary classroom and computer facilities and any technical assistance needed for the computer labs. The following is a list of the host institutions together with local coordinators.

University of Maryland - David Lay
Auburn University - Frank Uhlig
West Valley College - Joseph Kenstowicz
University of Wisconsin - Rod Smart and Larry Farnsworth
University of Wyoming - Benito Chen
Los Angeles Pierce College - Thomas McCutcheon
Georgia State University - Valerie Miller
Michigan State University - Richard O. Hill
University of Houston-Downtown - Elias Deeba
University of California, San Diego - Al Shenk and James Bunch
Seattle University - Janet Mills and Donna Sylvester
University of Washington - Brian Hopkins
Salve Regina University - William Stout
The College of William and Mary - Chi-Kwons Li

A number of individuals were helpful in the early stages of the project. In particular we would like to thank Duane Porter, University of Wyoming, for his suggestions on the mechanics of running workshops. We would also like to thank Marge Wechter, UMass Dartmouth, and Judith Leon for carefully reading the ATLAST proposal and for making helpful suggestions and Martha Kempe, UMass Dartmouth, for technical assistance with the grant proposal. And we thank Donald Albers of the Mathematical Association of America for his support of the project.

Richard Faulkenberry served as Assistant ATLAST Director and also assisted in coordinating the group activities at the San Diego Developers Workshop. Andre Weideman, Oregon State University, also assisted at the San Diego workshop. Steven Nash, Johns Hopkins University, Charles Johnson, College of William and Mary, and Joel Robbins,University of Wisconsin, contributed to the success of the workshops by appearing as guest speakers. Thanks also to Donald LaTorre, Clemson University, for his efforts in organizing sessions on innovations in teaching linear algebra at numerous conferences.

Special note should be taken of the services of Alexander Bondarenko, an undergraduate student at UMass Dartmouth. Alex worked through all of the exercises selected for this book. His comments and suggestions helped us to make significant improvements. Additionally, Alex developed a number of very nice ATLAST M-files that take full advantage of MATLAB's graphical user interface capabilities. Alex also helped to set up the ATLAST Web page.

We are also greatly indebted to Emily Moore of Grinnell University for her work on updating and improving the ATLAST M-files. Emily suggested and made significant improvements in many of our M-files. Her skills as a MATLAB programmer are quite impressive.

Finally, the editors would like to thank all of the ATLAST workshop participants. Their enthusiasm, energy and spirit have contributed so much to the project. They are the ones responsible for this book.

S. J. Leon, ATLAST Project Director

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