Capeverdean American Community Development of Rhode Island (C.A.C.D.)

3rd Capeverdean Music and Cultural Award Gala
"Ka Bo Dicha Musica de Cabo Verde Morre"

This is the BEST Capeverdean event in USA. Don't miss it.

On May 24, 1997 we will have our 3rd Capeverdean Music and Cultural Award Gala with the theme "Ka Bo Dicha Musica de Cabo Verde Morre". This event will be dedicated to the Music of Cape Verde and we expect more than 1,200 people. Last year it was a great success with 1,050 people attending.

Bana, Ildo Lobo, Morgadinho, Jorge Sousa, Celina Pereira, Manuel Novas, Skorpio, Saosinha, Jack de Pina, Nho Balta, Toi Cabicinha, Lutchina, Duducha and more will be performing in a concert/show.

We have invited the Prime Minister of Cape Verde, Dr. Carlos Veiga, Senator Jack Reed and Cong. P. Kennedy, Celtics guard Dana Barros, the General Manager of TACV, the Governor of Rhode Island, and the Mayors and City representatives of all of the cities in Rhode Island.

We will have awards such as: "Capeverdean international singer of the year," "Capeverdean singer of the year in USA," " Os Grandes da Musica Caboverdeana Award," Capeverdean Business of the Year award, Volunteer of the Year, "Nos Cabo Verde Award" and the Partnership Award.

We expect people from all over the world. Last year we had people from Holland, France, California, New Jersey, Florida, Portugal, Cape Verde, Etc.

Call for reservation to (401) 726-8729 or write to CACD, PO Box 1703. Don't miss the best Capeverdean show of the year. Second only to "Festival de Baia das Gatas" em S. Vicente.

To reserve tickets for the 3rd Capeverdean music and cultural awards, please complete this reservation form and mail immediately to CACD, 120 High St., Pawtucket, RI, USA 02860

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I cannot attend. Please accept my donation of $________.
c/o CACD
120 High St., Pawtucket, RI, USA 02860        
(401) 726-8729

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