William A. Gomes
March 10, 1999

Recently retired from state and municipal service, I now have the time and opportunity to travel to various parts of the world. I would like to share information about my most recent trip to Cardiff, Wales. The purpose of the trip was to meet with members of the Cape Verdean Society who reside in the Cardiff area. The Cape Verdean community membership consists of at least twenty families of Cape Verdean origin. They are comprised of first, second , third and fourth generation Cape Verdeans connected with blood ties to the Republic of Cape Verde, as well as the cities of New Bedford and Seekonk in Massachusetts, Providence and Pawtucket in Rhode Island and Detroit, Michigan.

The Cape Verdean Society was instituted in the year of 1990 for the purpose of assisting our homeland in dealing with the rigors of becoming a democratic country. To date, the society has been very active in making its presence known in the Republic of Cape Verde as well as Cardiff, Wales.

Each member should be commended for acknowledging their Cape Verdean\Welch heritage. For it was their forefathers that settled in Cardiff, Wales some hundred years ago. They instilled in their offspring the seed of SENSACAO for the Republic of the Cape Verde. Those first Cape Verdean settlers were dock workers, seamen, domestic workers, factory workers and other honorable occupations. They worked to support their families in a country very foreign to our homeland. There was also a language barrier. Many were being unskilled in the labor market prevalent during the period of migration to Cardiff, Wales .Those barriers were faced by every Cape Verdean that has migrated to various countries in the world. Those barriers existed then and continue.

We have overcome, because of necessity, many barriers and have emerged as wiser, stronger, committed, useful members of society in the various Cape Verdean communities in the world. It is a profound fact that the Cape Verdean culture has enhanced every segment of society wherever Cape Verdeans are dispersed throughout the world.

To date, the historians of the Cape Verdean Society are presently compiling data on the history of the Cape Verdean families living in Cardiff, Wales, a small community devoted to the Republic of Cape Verde. When the data is complete it will be shared. The project has been ongoing for some time, under the guidance of Mr. Anthony Britto. A few years ago a group of the society°s membership journeyed to the Cape Verde. What was interesting was it was the first time for most of them. Their experiences were shared with me during our several meetings.

Upon arriving in Cardiff, Wales, I was greeted by Mr. Peter Delgado and his wife Jill. They were my hosts while in Cardiff,Wales. The very next day a mancupa party was held in my honor at the home of Mr..& Ms. Ernesto Fonseca and family . The home was filled with many families of Cape Verdean\Welch heritage. The party lasted well into the night.

The next several day s were spent visiting homes of the members of the society. During these visits photographs were taken. Elder members of each family and young adults were interviewed while being video taped. An interview with the President of the CapeVerdean Society, Ms Ethlyn Tyson., a very gracious and regal lady was also video taped.

The Delgado's embark upon a yearly pilgrimage to the Cape Verde for the purpose of delivering donations,clothing and other gifts received from various organizations in the United Kingdom. These items are given to many families in need. The Cape Verdean Society reaches out to all segments of society in the United Kingdom to garner support for those causes that bind us as family to each other.

I want to personally thank Mr. & Ms. Peter Delgado and family for being such wonderful hosts in seeing that my visit to Cardiff, Wales was a successful and wonderful experience that will always be remembered and eternally cherished

To the members of the Cape Verdean Society-- I personally thank each of them for their hospitality and kindness that was extended to me while in their company.

The active membership of the Cape Verdean Society is as follows:

Under the guidance of Mr.&Ms.Peter Delgado the Cape Verdean Society of Cardiff, Wales is vibrant,active and a credit to themselves for the effort to assist the needy families of the our homeland. I wish them continued success in all future endeavors. For those who want to contact the Cape Verdean Society, you may write to:

Mr.Peter Delgado
53 Ty Mawr Avenue
Rumney Village
South Cardiff,Wales,UK
Tel. 011-44-1-222-212787
Fax 011-44-1-222-309707

In closing , I want to encourage the readers to contact Mr Delgado to lend support in spirit as well as financially by subscribing to the society°s news letter. In the future other experiences will be conveyed regarding my visits to Cape Verdean communities in France, Holland, Portugal and hopefully in the near future Belgium and Sweden.


Respectively Submitted,

Mr. William A. Gomes
28 Connolly Street
Randolph, Ma. 02368
Tel. 781-986-7322
Fax 781-963-3235