The Spring '98 edition of Cimboa is now available.

Thank you for your interest in Cimboa - a Capeverdean Journal of Letters, Arts and Studies. The purpose of this journal is to create an opportunity for scholars, writers, researchers, musicians, educators, and other students of letters to express themselves on issues of concern and interest to Cape Verde and Capeverdeans around the world. The realization of this fine magazine is the result of the collaboration of many individuals from a variety of disciplines. We will continue to rely on their participation, and hope that others will join in contributing articles to future editions of the journal. You may subscribe this quarterly magazine at $15.00 dollars a year, or buy a single copy for $3.00, by writing to the Consulate of Cabo Verde in Boston at the address below. Copies may also be obtained from:


Cimboa is open to collaboration from readers. Manuscripts should usually be no longer than ten double spaced typed pages. Submissions should be written in Portuguese, Capeverdean or English. References should be cited in end notes. An abstract in a second language should accompany all articles. Copies of the submissions must be presented on a diskette in IBM format, indicating the application program used. Microsoft Word is recommended. (Email submissions are allowed if authorized. Write to the email adress below.) Manuscripts, published or under consideration elsewhere, will not be considered.

Cimboa is coordinated by a board of directors elected from among its collaborators, primarily from the greater Boston area. Articles submited are reviewed on the basis of interest, relevance, substance and style, according to our editorial policy.

Manuscripts should be submitted to:

Aldegundes Tavares
c/o Consulado Geral de Cabo Verde
607 Boylston Street, 4th Fl.
Boston MA 02116

Cimboa will accept articles for publication in the Summer Edition through June 30, 1998.

Editorial Policy

The Cimboa Journal is intended to reach the vast Capeverdean population abroad and in Cape Verde, and others that may have interest in Cape Verde and or Capeverdean culture. Cimboa encourages the submission of articles focusing on such areas as letters arts or science which includes linguistics studies, education, immigration, anthropology, history, education and music. Articles expressing personal opinions should be well founded and not offensive to any individuals or group of individuals. The Editorial Board may edit or refuse the publication of any article submitted. Authors take full responsibility for the contents of their articles.

Cimboa is published by the Consulate General of Cape Verde in Boston.

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