The Cape Verdean Informatics Project


The CVIP is a volunteer effort to promote the understanding, utilization, and application of computer and computer communication technology by the worldwide Cape Verdean community. The Capeverdean Home Page (unofficial) is one of the major projects of the CVIP. Our goals and activities include:

  1. Investigating responsible and appropriate use of computer technology to record the past, serve the present, and aid in planning for the future of Cape Verde.

  2. Supporting the implementation of this technology in Cape Verde and among the worldwide Cape Verdean community.

  3. The development of a Cape Verdean World Wide Web Home page as an Internet-based resource for use in education, tourism, business, government, etc. Promotion and support of the subsequent decentralization and distribution of Capeverdean web initiatives, both individual and institutional, and the promotion of the concept, implementation and expansion of Capeverdean Cyberspace.

  4. The establishment of Internet-based, globally-accessible electronic discussion groups and bulletin boards for the dissemination and exchange of information about Cape Verdean culture.

  5. Investigating the use of computer-based tools such as GIS, remote learning, and Internet-based videoconference.

  6. Promoting the utilization of this technology for education and supporting the establishment of Internet-based remote learning capabilities in Cape Verde and in the Diaspora.

  7. Promoting an understanding of the the proper role of computers as well as the limitations of information technology and the dangers associated with misapplication and misuse of this technology.

  8. Studying and developing strategies to overcome language barriers, particularly with respect to software and interfaces, to the introduction and utilization of computer technology in Cape Verde.

  9. Studing new ways of computer input, output/display and networking, including custom graphical interfaces and information kiosks, appropriate to the effective implementation and utilization of this technology in Cape Verde.

If you are interested in supporting the efforts and activities of the CVIP, please contact Richard Leary, - Last updated Dec. 3, 2000

Voice: (508) 994-2903 (H); (401) 832-1806 (W)
Postal: 609 Union St., New Bedford, MA, USA 02740

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