1995 Congress of Caboverdianos

May 25, 1995

Dear Friends,

We of the Foundation of Cabo Verde, Inc. invite you to be a part of history for the people of Cabo Verde, Africa and for African-Americans in general. On August 14, 1995 more than 225 descendants of the Cape Verde Islands will leave Boston on a chartered flight to the Cape Verde Islands. The purpose of this pilgrimage is to make the return trip that our parents or grandparents always intended but were unable to make.

Our ancestors left Cabo Verde for America reluctantly. They always had the intent of returning and the hope of making life better for the families and loved ones left behind. Although their primary goal of returning was extremely unlikely to occur due to racial and language barriers, these proud Cape Verdeans integrated into American society while steadfastly retaining their Cape Verdean culture and identity. They lived simple lives and worked in the lower paying and lower status jobs, sacrificing so that their children and grandchildren could enjoy the successes that were not available to them.

Today, Cape Verdeans here in America have accumulated valuable experiences and resources and are in a position to return to Cabo Verde to help the people of our Motherland live better lives. And what better time for us to return than during this year when Cabo Verde celebrates it's 20th anniversary of independence; and a year in which she has experienced extreme drought and a volcano eruption that has destroyed the homes of over 2,000 people on the island of Fogo.

We welcome you to be a part of this most important milestone in the history of Cabo Verde.

Warm regards,

Joseph A. Moniz                     Mary Santos Lima
President                           Chairperson
Foundation of Cabo Verde, Inc.      1995 Congress of Caboverdianos

The 1995 Congress of Caboverdianos will address seven areas of interest which the Foundation of Cabo Verde feels would greatly affect the future of Cabo Verde and the quality of life of her citizens. The seven areas are:


The intent of the Education subcommittee is to create educational opportunities for the youth of Cabo Verde. With this purpose in mind, the educational subcommittee has developed a proposal which offers an opportunity for high school students from Cabo Verde to study in the U.S. and reside with Cape Verdean families during their stay. The subcommittee will present their proposal at the Congress.

Political Process of a democracy

The goal of this subcommittee is to demonstrate how local and national governments can work together in a democratic system. The subcommittee intends to encourage dialogue with representatives of the National Assembly and politicians from the U.S. relating to the process of government in a democracy. The participants include elected officials from the states of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut and California.

Justice and Law Enforcement

This subcommittee addresses two issues - law enforcement and the court system. The law enforcement aspect is directed at working with law enforcement officials in Cabo Verde to assist in the prevention and detection of crime such as drug trafficking and use. This subcommittee will also assist, where requested, the court system in the reorganization as adopted in the Constitution of September, 1992.

Economic Development

This subcommittee will assemble Cape Verdean Americans from small businesses to corporations to discuss ways to stimulate investment and trade in Cabo Verde. A key element will be dialogue with the expressed purpose of developing options that will expand the tourism industry in Cabo Verde targeting the Cape Verdean American community. One area of focus will be on increasing the efficiency and cost effectiveness of air travel.

Health Care

Medical professionals will discuss how best to assist Cabo Verde in improving the health care status of her people. This assistance could range from contributing medical supplies and equipment to providing primary health care clinics or diagnostic screening and education.


The goal of this subcommittee is to assist in developing sports programs for the youth of Cabo Verde. Participants will work with the appropriate designees to improve existing or develop additional programs.

Cultural Awareness/Preservation

The goal of this subcommittee is to increase the participants awareness and appreciation of the Cape Verdean culture so that we may preserve it for future generations. It is our wish that by sharing the experiences of the Caboverdianos and their American descendants, we can focus on our similarities and emerge united as one people.
Call (203) 677-2505 or (401) 438-8909 for further information on attending the 1995 Congress of Caboverdianos.