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The purpose of this page is to provide useful information and to stimulate critical thinking and discussion. Inclusion of a particular link does not necessarily imply endorsement of or agreement with a particular planning, development, economic, political, or sociological paradigm, model, or philosophy.

Development of appropriate theory and practice for Cabo Verde must take into account the unique geographical, ecological, historical and cultural factors which differentiate Cabo Verde. The evaluation and application of information found in the sites below must take into account this uniqueness.

Links to International Organizations

UN  - UNICC  - UNEP  - UNDP  - UNESCO  - UNICEF  - IFAD  - FAO  - World Bank  - ACDI/VOCA  - IALC  - IISD  - Solstice  - CIESIN  - Greenpeace  - IDSA  - WHO  - SatelLife  - ICRC  - IICD  - IGC  - USAID  - GCRIO  - USCSP  - Peace Corps



Environment and Ecosystem

Agriculture and Aquaculture

Food Production, Importation and Exportation





  • Communications and Informatics

    Population Control

    Health, Safety and Security

    Water Management and Production

    Sewage and Waste Disposal/Recycling

    Planning and Management Paradigms

    Small Islands Resources

    Urban Planning Experiments

    Maps and Models



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