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International Action Alert!
Africa: Seeds of Hope - Raymond A. Almeida

Check this out.. then take action.

  • Selected policy papers on Africa
  • Emigrantes Caboverdianos no Brasil - Associação Caboverdiana do Brasil

    New links:

  • Independent Cape Verde newspaper buoyed by popular support at home, abroad. - Story on A Semana (Freedom Forum)

  • FY 1999 Country Commercial Guide: Cape Verde (Report prepared by U.S. Embassy Praia)

  • Real Audio of Harvard's Rev. Peter Gomes on C-Span's Booknotes (7/12/98).
    Booknotes - 9/21/97
    Words for the Heart - Transcript of talk with David Gergen, editor-at-large of U.S. News & World Report.

    One of this country's most acclaimed preachers, Peter J. Gomes is the Plummer Professor of Christian Morals and minister of the Memorial Church at Harvard for twenty-five years.

    "Oh, the best advice is don't start at the beginning because you'll never make it not only to the end, you'll never make it to the first third of the thing. The Bible is not a book to be read like trying to tunnel under the English Channel from Dover to Calle. You won't get there.

    "My advice has always been start with an accessible book and I suggest start with the psalms. Now people will say, oh, but the psalms are so pretty and musical, shouldn't I take something stronger? If you read the psalms, read them all, and read them at a pretty intense clip--don't spend all year doing it, do it over the course of a couple of weeks--you will find in those 150 psalms such an acute range of human experience you'll think has been written by your therapist, the point where it has anger, it has joy, it has exaltation, it has that--that psalm that Jesus uses on the cross in his moment of utter despair, "My God, my God, why has thou forsaken me?" It has that wonderful pastoral sound, the 23rd psalm. It has in psalm 73 the great frustration that we all feel, why do the wicked prosper, and why do I, a virtuous man, get shoved about hither and yon? That's all in there."

    (Real Audio of above talk)

  • Havana's Policy in Africa, 1959-76: - New Evidence from Cuban Archives - Piero Gleijeses (from the Cold War International History Project (CWIHP)

  • Vist the Africa Policy Information Center (APIC) web site for a summary of recommendations from a conference on Global Connectivity for Africa in Addis Ababa on June 1-4, 1998. It also contains a communique by the Africa network of the Association for Progessive Communications (APC).

  • CABO-VERDIANOS - O sonho americano (The American Dream)
  • Trade mission planned for Lisbon World Fair. (New Bedford Standard Times - June 2)

    "Officials yesterday kicked off plans for a trade mission to the World Fair in Lisbon, Portugal, with a plea for New Bedford and Fall River businesses to join the trip. It is planned for mid-July."

  • Daddy Grace and the United House of Prayer for All People - Erin Sparrow
  • Smithsonian Folklife Festival 1998 - Our friends at SI do this wonderful event again. Also, visit the Virtual Festival Online.
  • Issues in Cultural Policy, including a speech by Ana Maria Cabral on the implications of Amilcar Cabral's cultural thesis for modern nationhood.
  • "Meu Brasil Brasiliero" - A Brief Discussion of Brazilian Music. (from RootsWorld)
  • Cape Verde Flying Flag Image. Note conditions on personal use.
  • U. S. Department of State Background Notes: Cape Verde, May 1998
  • Strategic Action Issue Area: African Women's Rights - (from APIC)
  • WHO Oral Health Country Profile - Cape Verde
  • INESC IDEIA Regional Planing Studies (Cape Verde)
  • ATLAS DE CABO VERDE (Instituto de Investiga┴ôo Cient╠fica Tropical )
  • Portugal em Linha - Comunidades Lus█fonas
  • Christian Rationalism in the World

  • Statement by the President of the Republic of Cape Verde to the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) - the Earth Summit - held from 3-14 June, 1992, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (from the Earth Summit CD-ROM)

  • Rural Women, Population and Development in Lusophone Africa: Annotated Bibliography. (From the United Nations Population Information Network (POPIN))

  • Adolescent pregnancies proving to be a growing problem in remote Cape Verde - By Dr. Cedar Chelala. (from Earth Times)

  • Cape Verde Primary School Statistics. Findings from a 1995 survey of primary schools in 14 of the world's poorest countries. (from UNICEF)

  • Anselmo "Jair" Rebeiro (from the unofficial New England Revolution Home Page)

    soccer player
    © Fred Kfoury III
    "Congratulations to Anselmo "Jair" Ribeiro on his first game for the Revolution !!!! You make us Capeverdeans very proud.We hope to see more CV soccer "football" players to make it to the majors. In the end the hard work pays off. Jair nu fikabu mutu gratu pa kel grandi golo, nu ta pidi Deus pa dabu forc,a i saudi pa bu kontinua ta fura redi. Good luck and keep on destroying those nets." - C.Danilo Gomes i familia


  • Photos of Cape Verde - Urban Fredriksson

  • Four Reviews:

  • Angolan Operetta

    Conceived for performance during the Expo-98 World's Fair in Lisbon.

  • Bigger, badder storm era feared. (from USA Today)

  • Current Weather in Cape Verde

  • A Case Study: Distinction of Two African Climates - Algeria and Cape Verde  (University of Missouri - Columbia)

  • Silva Associates - Linking Nutrition, Gender and Environment for a Better Tomorrow

  • Mark W. Langworthy, Ph.D. - Profile and list of studies.
    "Extensive research undertaken in the Cape Verde Islands of west Africa examined the performance of local irrigation networks with regard to the efficiency of water use within the network and the distribution of benefits among network members. He has helped design project monitoring and evaluation systems in Cape Verde and Bangladesh which aim to measure the project impacts on beneficiary groups through a variety of different survey techniques."

  • "Fly Over Lisbon Portugal." Fly over the most detailed topographic map of the ocean floor ever produced. Shows Cape Verde, Canaries, Madeira, Azores. From GTOPO30. (7 Mb!!! MPEG file.) Awesome!

  • Buzzards Bay Fly-by. (Martha's Vineyard, Elizabeth Islands, Cape Cod Canal, Wareham, New Bedford.) From the Coastal Ocean Modeling program at the USGS Woods Hole Field Center. (MPEG file. Only 1.5Mb)
      - (The majority of the 300,000 people of Cape Verdean descent in America live in the Southeastern part of New England, with New Bedford, Massachusetts being the traditional heart of Cape Verdean America.)

      - (..if you'd like to know why they call it Buzzards Bay, click here. Use Explorer browser if you don't hear bird sounds.)


    The mystery of a baobab tree on the island of Santiago!

    (Could someone investigate this and send us a report?)

  • U.S. President Bill Clinton in Africa (AfricaNews Online) - includes links to stories and editorials from the African press.

    "... The African political landscape has already changed markedly in the post-cold war and post- one party eras. Africa is no longer perceived as a pariah by the rest of the world. African leaders are ready to do business with America and the rest of the world but on terms that are just and fair, for many believe the world economic order is skewed against them. If President Clinton's historic visit is to herald the dawn of a new renaissance as he put it, then time is ripe for a new and more just world economic order that could ameliorate suffering, particularly in Africa.The current economic regime perpetuates the slave-master relationship and the dependency syndrome, and consigns the world's poor to the garbage heap." - The Times of Zambia (Mar. 24, 1998)

  • Africa Rising (Time Magazine)
  • Clinton's Visit to Africa (CNN)
  • Clinton offers Africa aid for schools (CNN)

    "Visiting a Ugandan primary school with dirt-floor classrooms, President Clinton on Tuesday pledged $120 million in aid for African schools to train more teachers and to connect African children to the Internet."

  • Portuguese diplomat comes bearing gifts. (Standard Times)
  • Solidariedade com Cabo Verde - Lisboa/Santa Catarina, Santiago - (ífrica Hoje)
  • The future of the Lom╚ Convention, young people and youth organizations.
  • General Secretariat of the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States (ACP Group)
  • Summit of ACP Heads of State and Government, Libreville, Gabon, 6-7 November 1997
  • Musings from Maastricht - Libreville: New Start for an Old Game?
  • Musings from Maastricht - Ends of Development?
  • Europe's Forum on International Cooperation
  • Global Islands Network (Skye International)
  • Microstate Network
  • International Development Network
  • H-Africa Discussion Group
  • Daddy Grace
  • 1997 Human Rights report- Cabo Verde (US State Dept.)

    Visitors Log Page Development Notes

      bullet iconAnnouncements

    ALUPEC Approved
    5-year Trial Period

    Capeverdean Creole Institute ( Institutu Kriolu Kabuverdianu ) ta kumunika tudu algen ki ta interesa pa dizenvolvimentu di Kriolu di Kabu Verdi ki Konselhu di Ministrus di Kabu Verdi, na seson di trabadju, di dia 20 di Julhu di 1998, prova na Praia, ALUPEC - Alfabetu Unifikadu pa Skrita di Kabuverdianu- pa mudelu sprimental, duranti un periudu di sinku anu.


    CCI Na Dif╚za Di Un Skrita pa Kriolu Di Kabu Verdi - pa Nesi Brito, CCI


    Instability in Guinea-Bissau

    The Home Page Development Team has taken no position, pro or con, with respect to the situation in Guinea-Bissau. We provide the following links and information in the hope of helping the reader develop some appreciation of what is happening and why, and the positions of various involved and interested parties.

    Web-site dedicated to assisting efforts to end the crisis in Guinea-Bissau and to provide a forum in which people can voice their concerns.

    Press Release - Republic of Cape Verde (June 11)
    Declara┴ôo da Comissôo Permanente da Comissôo Pol╠tica (PAICV-Praia, June 17)
    US Dept. of State Statement (7/28/98)

    AfricaNews Online/Guinea Bissau
    CNN Africa
    BBC News Africa
    ICRC operations in Guinea Bissau
    Travel Advisory (US State Department)
    Travel Alert (RWRT Security Consultants)
    Search Deja News
    Guinea Bissau Telecom

    Em Português
    Diário de Notícias
    Jornal de Not╠cias

    CNN em Português

    Background material on Guinea Bissau

    World Factbook (CIA)
    Army commander suspended - (BBC News - February 1998)
    A Return to Peace in Guinea-Bissau - Celina Schocken
    Aging guerrillas back in Guinea-Bissau's revolution (Seattle Times)
    Bissau civil war points to region's fragility (Seattle Times)
    Fishing in Guinea Bissau - economic and environmental threats. ((IUCN)
    LEAD International
    Democracy and Elections in Cape Verde and Guinea Bissau (Dr. Richard Lobban)
    "Guinea-Bissau - the struggle goes on" (ORBIT No 62 - 3rd Quarter 1996)

    CV Chat

    California Capeverdeans
    Independence Celebration

    Oakland, CA
    July 31-Aug.2

    (707) 648-2053 (San Francisco)
    (916) 682-4327 (Oakland)

    Para SIDA!
    Antis' ki ele parabu.

    AIDS Billboard
    Stop AIDS!
    Before It Stops You!

    The Multicultural AIDS Coalition/ Boston

    Click on image for full size poster from the Cape Verdean Women and Families HIV Prevention Billboard campaign..

    Aids threatens everyone!

  • Expo '98 - Lisbon

      bullet icon Cape Verdeans on the Web

    Nazarene Church
    International Church
    of the Nazarene - New Bedford, Massachusetts, USA (photo © Gardner Greany)

    Most recent entries:

    Education Module

    Round Earth, Flat Maps

    An excellent, user-friendly, introduction to map fundamentals can be found on National Geographic's web site. Go to their Map Machine and find maps, and a country profile, of Guinea Bissau (see box above).

    Go to Microsoft's Expedia web page to get an interactive map of Guinea-Bissau and links to facts about Guinea-Bissau from the online Encarta Concise Encyclopedia. Use the interactive map feature to zoom out to see the regional context of Guinea-Bissau and its proximity to the Cape Verde Islands.

    Try to correlate the Expedia map of Guinea Bissau with an extremely detailed photograph of the Guinea-Bissau - Senegal border region taken by the Space Shuttle.

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    About This Web Site

    Welcome to the Cape Verdean World Wide Web Site, a collaborative project of the world-wide Capeverdean community. This site, hosted at the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth campus, came on-line on May 1, 1995. Those interested in providing information for incorporation into, or linkage from, this site, or who wish to get involved in the development of this site or sections thereof, should contact Richard Leary - - or Raymond Almeida - Mailing address: Richard Leary  609 Union St., New Bedford, MA 02740 USA. Phone: (401) 832-1806 (W); (508) 994-2903 (H).

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