Cape Verdean Media

The home page is only one source of information about Cabo Verde and the World Wide Capeverdean community. I would like to mention a number of others that are particularly deserving of your attention and support.

  • Cimboa

    Cimboa is quarterly journal of letters, arts and studies published by the Consulate of Cabo Verde in Boston. The purpose of Cimboa is to create an opportunity for scholars, writers, researchers, musicians, educators, and other students of letters to express themselves on issues of concern and interest to Cape Verde and Capeverdeans around the world.

    Cimboa is available by subscription and is open to collaboration and contributions. Click here for further details.

    !!! Summer '97 Issue Available !!!

  • CVSC Newsletter

    This is the monthly publication of the Cape Verdeans of Southern California, one of the largest and most active CV organizations in the United States. The CVSC Newsletter is an outstanding publication with news not only of West Coast activities, but also regular columns and sections such as "Coluna Cultural," Recipes, "What's Happening on the East Coast," and "News from Cabo Verde." I have a subscription to the CVSC newsletter, I look forward to receiving it each month, and have no hesitation in recommending it to all.

    Subscription rate is $20 yearly. Send to:

    Cape Verdeans of Southern California
    P.O. Box 8178
    Los Angeles, CA 90008

  • Cabo Video

    Cabo Video is a bi-weekly Cape Verdean Program (Sundays - 1:00p.m.) now broadcasting on Continental Cablevision Channel 8 and seen in over 40 cities and towns in Massachusetts and Rhode island. Programming consists of videotape from the Cape Verde Isalnds, music, local interviews, events, and special segments. Until recently, Cabo Video has broadcast only in Portuguese and Crioulo (Cape Verdean language). It is now also broadcast in English in the Greater Wareham area.

    Cabo Video
    Producer - Ed Andrade
    P.O. Box 210
    Onset, MA 02558
    Tel. (508) 291-1422

  • Nobidade TV

    (Info needed!)

  • O Correío

    O Correío is a bi-weekly paper published in Brockton, Massachusetts. It provides extensive coverage of the New England Capeverdean communities as well as current events and cultural affairs in Cabo Verde.

    O Correío
    1147 Main St. #110
    Brockton, MA 02401
    Phone/Fax: (508) 588-8843

  • The CVN

    Founded in 1978, Tom Lopes' monthly newspaper focuses on the Capeverdean community of Greater New Bedford and Southeastern Massachusetts.

    P.O. Box 3063
    New Bedford, MA 02741

  • The Cape Verdean News

    (Has this paper ceased to exist with the passing of Mr. Neves?)

  • Novo Jornal Cabo Verde

    Travessa do Mercado
    Tel: 61-64-96
    Fax: 61-38-29
    C.P. 118 - Praia, Santiago, Republic of Cabo Verde

    (Text needed here also, including subscription info. Also information on any other CV papers in publication (A Semana?))

  • CV Chat Room on America OnLine

    (Info needed!)

  • WWW CV Forum - PortugalNet

    (Info needed!)

  • África Hoje

  • Portuguese Times

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