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March 11 and 18; April 1 and 8, 2010
Take one 4-week mini-course:  Participants take one course for four weeks. Classes held in assigned rooms/laboratories/studios throughout the campus.

  • Art
    Joanne Dorothy directs four sessions of artistic experimentaiton in drawing, paiting, sculpture, design, and any other goopy artistic fun that you can think up.
  • CSI Spotlight
    UMD Medical laboratory Science Lecturer Beth Correiro shows you the real forensic science that lies behind the popular TV shows.
  • Magic
    Spotlight group leader Tyler Sousa will show you how to amaze, baffle, and entertain your friends and families with a series of easy-to-master magic tricks.
  • Yoga
    Build your mental, physical, and emotional strength and flexibility with yoga instructor Susan J. Sylvia; find more info at her
    web site.
  • Combat Self-Defense
    Learn a series of simple and effective self-defense techniques from martial arts instructor Robert Cambra
  • The Science of Paranormal Research
    Paranormal investigator Mike Baker will show you what he does and how he does it.

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