Renewing the UMass Dartmouth Strategic Plan

Determining Planning Objectives

On March 9-11 forty-three UMass Dartmouth faculty, administrators, staff, and students (MS Word) participated in a weekend retreat led by strategic planning facilitator John F. Schlegel of Schlegel and Associates. The group comprised the chairs of each SWOT team together with usually one additional SWOT team member. In addition, the academic deans, members of the chancellor's leadership team, and the chancellor herself, were participants.

At the retreat representatives from the SWOT teams were grouped into working teams. For example, SWOT Teams 1, 2, and 4 worked together to prepare objectives for Recognition, Undergraduate Programs, and Innovative Teaching & Learning. On the final day, the entire group met together to achieve consensus on the list of objectives. The result of their work is the Strategic Plan 2007-2010 Objectives (MS Word).

The objectives from the Retreat have now been re-grouped to be assigned under the original five main categories of the 2003 Strategic Plan. This document, the Working Objectives Plan 2007 (MS Word), will be the basis for organizing the next strategic planning step´┐Żdeveloping implementation strategies.

We will assign each of the objectives to the appropriate SWOT Teams for development of implementation strategies. Some of these objectives will cut across SWOT Teams, and for these we are designating a primary team. We will also add specific staff or faculty to some groups depending on the objective.

The intention is for each objective to have at least one and probably no more than three implementation strategies. Each strategy must have a measurable outcome. A responsible office, individual, or committee must be identified for each strategy. There should also be an estimate of the time it will take to achieve implementation together with a budget estimate.

Finally, we must prioritize the objectives, review the implementation strategies and potential costs as to which ones we project can actually be achieved in the next fiscal year.

Final strategic planning steps for the year will then be to present the updated plan to the University community for review and comment. Implementation is scheduled to begin in July 2007.

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