Renewing the UMass Dartmouth Strategic Plan

A SWOT Analysis:
Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats

Sample Analysis Report (Lehman College, CUNY, 2005 Strategic Planning):

Goal 1: Create an environment that encourages the development of students who are committed to lifelong learning, well prepared for their chosen careers and ready to contribute to their communities.


  • Outstanding faculty and professional, dedicated staff
  • Some excellent facilities which encourage and support out-of-class faculty/staff-student interaction
  • Growing full-time enrollment, improving student academic preparation and interest in campus life and governance processes;
  • Increasing number of social, academic and visual/performing arts co-curricular programs and activities
  • Institutional history and culture which encourages faculty, staff and student involvement in honor societies, ethnic, social and special interest groups
  • Student satisfaction rates with campus life, athletics, academic/student support services that are among the highest in the University


  • Facilities which support campus life/student activities are limited and/or require renovation
  • Inadequate staffing in the Institutional Research office and student support services
  • Technology, such as the college website and e-mail system which promotes communication and information distribution, is limited
  • First generation students, many who attend college on a part-time basis, work and have personal responsibilities which limit their involvement in campus life
  • Limited opportunities for students to participate in credit-bearing internships
  • Current bell schedule and large number of adjunct faculty contribute to limited faculty-student interaction and involvement in campus life


  • Growing enrollments and new initiatives such as the CUNY Compact, Black Male Initiative and Title V grant may bring new resources to the college
  • Developing technological resources will support communication and the development of a sense of community i.e., website re-design, Mirapoint system, on-line student newspaper, web radio station, E-News etc.
  • New research on the student experience such as graduating student survey, CLA, NSSE and CUNY data warehouse will inform institutional policies and practices
  • Increasing work with CUNY community colleges through Title V, Bridging the Colleges, Degree Works etc., support enrollment and student success


  • Reduced or flat state budget allocations and increasing revenue targets
  • "Tax" on IFR budgets
  • Classroom scheduling difficulties
  • State financial aid (TAP) regulations mitigate against student exploration of new academic disciplines and credit-bearing experiential learning

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