Renewing the UMass Dartmouth Strategic Plan

SWOT Teams

  1. Recognition of the University for Programmatic Excellence Team Charge
    • *Jeffrey Wolfman, Vice Chancellor, Advancement
    • John Hoey, Assistant to the Chancellor
    • Kathy Magnusson, Associate Director, Admissions
    • Nora Barnes, Director, Center for Marketing Research
    • Jim Mullins, Administrative Assistant, Athletics
    • Jim Griffith, Chancellor Professor, Medical Laboratory Science
    • Jim Fain, Dean, College of Nursing
    • Les Cory, Chancellor Professor, ECE
    • Frank Sousa, Director, Center for Portuguese Studies and Culture
    • Abena Asofo-Adjaye, Student Senator/Unity Participant
  2. Excellence of Undergraduate Programs Team Charge
    • *Bill Hogan, Dean, College of Arts & Sciences
    • Renate Crawford, Associate Dean, College of Engineering
    • Susan Costa, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
    • Ellen Christian, Director, Academic Advising
    • Carol Spencer, Director, College Now
    • Tom Daigle, Director, Academic Resource Center
    • Howard Michel, College of Engineering (Electrical & Computer Engineering)
    • Kelly Ann Kowalski, Charlton College of Business (Management & Marketing)
    • Laura Franz, College of Visual & Performing Arts (Design)
    • Catherine Houser, College of Arts & Sciences (Chairperson, English)
    • Toby Dills, College of Arts & Sciences (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
    • Robert Jones, College of Arts & Sciences (Economics)
    • Kristen Sethares, College of Nursing (Adult & Child Nursing)
    • Wendell Brown, SMAST (Chairperson, Estuarine & Ocean Sciences)
    • Maria Blanton, Mathematics
    • Matt Sylvain, Assistant Librarian
    • Stephanie Luz, Student Senator/Resident Advisor
  3. Excellence of Graduate Programs Team Charge
    • *Dick Panofsky, Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs & Graduate Studies
    • Elizabeth Winiarz, Librarian
    • Alex Fowler, College of Engineering (Mechanical Engineering)
    • Tina Bruen, Coordinator for International Students
    • Nancy Dluhy, College of Nursing (Adult & Child Nursing)
    • Avijit Gangopadhyay, SMAST (Dean)
    • Judy Sims-Knight, College of Arts & Sciences (Psychology)
    • Steven White, Charlton College of Business (Chairperson, Management & Marketing)
    • Stephen Whittlesey, College of Visual & Performing Arts (Director, MFA Program)
    • Anna Klobucka, College of Arts & Sciences (Chairperson, Portuguese Studies)
    • Gerard Koot, College of Arts & Sciences (Director, MAT Program)
    • Yuegang Zuo, College of Arts & Sciences (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
    • Steven Nardone, Professor, ECE
    • Elan Turcotte-Shamski, Graduate Student
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  4. Integrating Innovative Teaching/Learning Strategies and Preparing Students for Advancement in the 21st Century Environment Team Charge
    • *Bob Green, Vice Chancellor, Library Services, Information Resources & Technology
    • Magali Carrera, CITS (Team Leader - Instructional Development) and Chairperson, Art History
    • Susanne Scott, Director, Center for Teaching Excellence
    • Miles Sundermeyer, SMAST, Distance Learning
    • Raymond Laoulache, College of Engineering Impulse Coordinator
    • Nancy Moniz, Pathways Program (Professional & Continuing Education)
    • Jen Riley, Director, Women's Studies
    • Jerry Blitefield, English (Sustainability Initiatives)
    • Tracey Russo, CITS (Instructional Development Designer - On-line Course Design)
    • Gary Davis, Chairperson, Mathematics
    • Kathryn Gramling, (Adult & Child Nursing)
    • Brandon Lozeau, Student Senator/Leadership Coordinator
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  5. Community of Respectful Learners is Established Team Charge
    • *David Milstone, Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
    • Emil Fioravanti, Director, Public Safety
    • Mary Beckwith, Judicial Affairs Coordinator
    • Peggy Dias, CITS (Director, IT Service Assurance)
    • Representative from Disabled Student Services (TBN)
    • Renee Lopes-Pocknett, Associate Director, Frederick Douglass Unity House
    • Richard Connor, Associate Professor, Biology
    • Susan Leclair, President, Faculty Senate (Medical Laboratory Science)
    • Sonja Peterson, Nursing
    • Lisa Maya Knauer, Sociology/Anthropology
    • Viviane Saleh-Hana, Sociology/Anthropology
    • Representative from Housing & Residential Life (TBN)
    • Kadie Montgomery, Student Senator
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  6. Community of Scholars is Established Team Charge
    • *Michael Taylor, Dean, College of Visual & Performing Arts
    • Joanne Zanella-Litke, Director, Office of Research Administration
    • Stephen Hegedus, Mathematics
    • Eileen Peacock, Dean, Charlton College of Business
    • Dan Braha, Associate Professor, DIS
    • John Buck, Associate Professor, ECE
    • Tony Miraglia, Fine Arts
    • Tracie Ferreira, Biology
    • Timothy Shea, DIS
    • Bal Ram Singh, Chemistry & Biochemistry
    • Mark Altabet, Estuarine & Ocean Sciences
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  7. Intellectual Capital of Faculty is Embedded in the Activities of the Region and Commonwealth Team Charge
    • *Lou Petrovic, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research and Director, Advanced Technology & Manufacturing Center
    • Paul Vigeant, Assistant Chancellor for Economic Development
    • Angappa Gunasekaran, Chairperson, Decision & Information Sciences and Director, Business Innovation Research Center
    • Lasse Antonsen, College of Visual & Performing Arts (Gallery Director, Star Store)
    • Joao Rosa, Education
    • Tom Lambalot, Assistant Dean for Development & External Relations, COE
    • Mark Santow, History (Clemente Program)
    • Susan Krumholz, Sociology/Anthropology (Inside Out Program)
    • Arlene Mollo, Art Education
    • Clyde Barrow, Chairperson, Policy Studies and Director, Center for Policy Analysis
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  8. Intellectual Capital of Staff is Embedded in the Activities of the Region and Commonwealth Team Charge
    • *Lee Blake, Director, Southcoast Education Compact
    • Tony Vieira, Executive Director, Corporate Programs & Partnerships, Professional & Continuing Education
    • Karen O'Connor, Director, Center for Community, University, School Partnerships
    • Brian Howes, SMAST
    • John Miller, Director of Operations, Advanced Technology & Manufacturing Center
    • Susan Jennings, Director, Consortium for the Advancement of Teaching, Learning, & Scholarship
    • Robert Fortes, Assistant Dean, Professional & Continuing Education
    • Jose Soler, Director, Labor Education Center
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  9. Intellectual Capital of Students is Embedded in the Activities of the Region and Commonwealth Team Charge
    • *Matt Roy, Associate Dean, Charlton College of Business
    • Deirdre Healy, Staff Associate, Career Resource Center
    • Robbin Roy, Associate Director, Career Resource Center
    • Mike Griffin, Assistant Dean and Director of Internship Programs, Charlton College of Business
    • Jane Staples, Director, Intern Program, Advanced Technology & Manufacturing Center
    • Jeanne Leffers, Community Nursing
    • Robin Robinson, Sociology/Anthropology
    • Ramprasad Balasubramanian, Professor, CIS
    • John Davis, Research Associate, Advanced Technology & Manufacturing Center
    • Kerry Fater, Adult & Child Nursing (Coordinator of Mentorship Experiences)
    • Sophal Kea, Student Representative
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  10. Student Access has been Demonstrated During a Period of Enrollment Growth Team Charge
    • *Sue Lane, Associate Vice Chancellor PCE
    • Steve Briggs, Director, Admissions
    • Carnell Jones, Registrar
    • Ben Baumann, Pathways
    • Pathways Program (represented by Susan Lane)
    • Anne Boisvert, Counselor, College Now
    • Joyce Rosinha, CITS (Electronic Access)
    • Carole Johnson, Director, Disabled Student Services
    • Bruce Palmer, Director, Financial Aid
    • Suzanne Melloni, Charlton College of Business Undergraduate Program Coordinator
    • Eileen Carreiro-Lewandowski, Chairperson, Faculty Senate Admissions
    • Committee (Medical Laboratory Science)
    • John Twomey, Chancellor Professor & Chair, Foreign Language
    • Gilbert Fain, Physics
    • Representative from Disabled Students (TBN)
    • Victor Culatta, Director, Housing & Residential Life
    • Diane Sansoucy, Director, Children's Center for Learning
    • Catherine Sullivan, Director New Student Transfers
    • Shannon Jenkins, Assistant Professor, Political Science
    • Rob Dellibovi, Student Representative
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  11. Student Diversity has been Demonstrated During a Period of Enrollment Growth Team Charge
    • *Bruce Rose, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
    • Jessica Arruda, CITS (IT Service Manager)
    • Wayne Williams, Assistant Director, Admissions
    • George Smith, Assistant Chancellor, Equal Opportunity, Diversity & Outreach
    • Juli Parker, Director, Women's Resource Center
    • Gail Berman-Martin, Director, Career Resource Center
    • Gaurav Khanna, Professor, Physics
    • Trina Crowley, Associate Director, CUSP
    • Heidi Berggren, Political Science
    • Royal Hartigan, Music
    • Catherine Neto, Chemistry/Biochemistry
    • Patty White, Professor, English
    • Carlos Benavides, Associate Professor, Foreign Lit. and Languages
    • Ziddi Msangi, Associate Professor, Design
    • Norman Barber, Director, Residential Educational Programs & Assessment
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  12. Effective Physical Infrastructure is in Place to Support Academic Activities Team Charge
    • *LaVerne Cawthorne, Associate Chancellor
    • Nancy O'Connor, Biology
    • Emmanuel Ojadi, Chemistry & Biochemistry
    • Tesfay Meressi, Mechanical Engineering
    • John Finnie, Civil & Environmental Engineering
    • Scott Ahrens, Design
    • Catherine Fortier-Barnes, Library (Classroom)
    • Jim Filippo, Director, Athletic Facilities
    • Rick Pacheco, CITS (Network Systems Manager)
    • Lee Nason, Director, Facilities Planning, Design, Construction
    • Bill Heaney, Associate Vice Chancellor of Administrative Services
    • Mary Kate DeMarco, Assistant Dean for Operations, SMAST
    • Robin Couto, Administrative Assistant, College of Nursing
    • Kimberly Christopher, Nursing
    • Wayne LeBlanc, Med Lab Science
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  13. Technical Infrastructure is in Place to Support Academic Activities Team Charge
    • *Donna Massano, Associate Vice Chancellor, CITS
    • Andrew Darling, CITS (Director, IT Infrastructure)
    • Mike Deignan, SMAST (Computer & Electronics Systems Manager)
    • Paul Fortier, Professor, ECE
    • Holger Dippel, Internet Development Manager
    • Bob Kowalczyk, Professor, Mathematics
    • Shouhong Wang, Professor, DIS
    • Allison Cywin, Art History (Curator of Visual Resources)
    • Sheldon Straker, Assistant Director, Campus Services
    • Charlie McNeil, Library (Digital Services)
    • Andrew Smart, Professional Technician (Electrical & Computer Engineering, College of Engineering)
    • Doug Roscoe, Political Science
    • Maria Cordeiro, Associate Director, University Enrollment Center
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  14. Fiscal Infrastructure is in Place to Support Academic Activities Team Charge
    • *Don Zekan, Vice Chancellor for Administrative & Fiscal Services
    • Bill Mitchell, Associate Vice Chancellor for Finance
    • Tony Costa, Dean, College of Engineering
    • Jeffrey Wolfman, Vice Chancellor for Advancement
    • Carolyn Hamel, CITS (Director, IT Development)
    • Lou Goodman, SMAST
    • Lou Petrovic, Assistant Vice Chancellor Research & Director, Advanced Technology & Manufacturing Center
    • Daniel Georgianna, President, Faculty Federation (Economics)
    • Trib Puri, Chairperson, Accounting & Finance
    • Jeff Augustine, Director, Campus Center Services
    • Gail Russell, Nursing
    • David Goodson, Chemistry
    • Michael Andersen, Charlton College of Business (Accounting & Finance)
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  15. Human Infrastructure is in Place to Support Academic Activities Team Charge
    • *Larry Hardy, Director, Human Resources
    • Anthony Martin, Library (Staff Development)
    • Louise Goodrum, Associate Director, Athletics
    • Yolanda Baird, Diversity Analyst, Equal Opportunity, Diversity & Outreach
    • Bruce Sparfven, Chairperson, Educational Services Unit (College Now)
    • Audrey Chekares, Administrative Assistant, Academic Advising Center
    • Jo-Ann Cooley, Acting President, AFSCME Local 507 (Library)
    • Michael Baum, Chairperson, Political Science
    • Paul Bacdayan, Associate Professor, Marketing and Management
    • Dayalan Kasilingam, Chairperson, Electrical & Computer Engineering
    • Carol Santos, Deputy Director, Human Resources
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