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Chapter Four: Consolidating Growth

The second president, Donald Walker, was hired to bring peace to a troubled campus. Indeed the next period, lasting over two decades, was one of steady building on the base laid down during the period of rapid growth and disruption prior to 1972. Student enrollment leveled off at between 5,000 and 6,000 for the next twenty-five years, along with an overwhelmingly full-time and increasingly-tenured faculty contingent of over 300. The first student residences were opened in 1972 and the campus core was completed on Rudolph's unified plan by the mid-1970s. The Walker period ended with a reorganization of higher education and the creation of the Board of Regents and a new, more local board of trustees for SMU. In 1982, the Save SMU campaign fought off a proposed cut of $3 million from the school's $19 million-dollar budget. Massive protests and another torch relay to Boston turned back the threat.

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